Know a great Carpenter?

We value our existing Carpenters – they are absolutely fantastic & we look after them.  Yet as awesome as they are, we generally have more design & building opportunities than we can accept.  We don’t sacrifice on quality.

We are always on the look out for fully qualified, tooled and experienced Carpenters who share our values.  As a small business we cannot afford to carry passengers.

Mostly new, custom designed homes – framing, lock-up & fixing stages. Majority of work on fixed stage payments with some hourly rate work where required. Seeking pairs of Carpenters or individuals prepared to pair up.

If you are a top notch Carpenter looking for a sense of achievement, willing to work under direction of Carl and our lead Carpenters (until you may become one yourself, then you just report to Carl) who thrives on a sense of accomplishment for getting a job done on or before time, under budget and at high quality we want to reward you and have you on the team!

If we decide that we’d like you to come on board and we find its not a fit?  No big deal – we have both given things a shot, no hard feelings and we expect to leave things positively.  While we do our best to ascertain before you start whether you might be a fit with our team, sometimes we can’t know until you are on site.

What do we expect?

  • bring your best self to work
  • clear & honest communication
  • positivity on & offsite about each other and our business, our clients and your fellow team members
  • turn up with batteries installed.  Bring your energy, intellect, tools & focus to work.
  • quality, do it right in the most effective and efficient way possible to minimise risk of redoing work – ask questions as often as you need to
  • we understand life/stuff happens, family committments etc., we can be flexible when we know what you need
  • to be ready or started at the time you start and pack up after finish time
  • to take breaks.  Our standard break times are a paid break between 9:30am to 9:45am and an unpaid break between 1:00pm and 1:30pm.
  • think safety – it is everyone’s responsibility
  • you must carry your construction induction card (white card or equivalent) at all times.  We are in the process of developing a specific Carl Talbot Builders annual induction program to be completed online
  • inspection ready sites – keep a clean site / everyone’s responsibility – put rubbish in the designated areas (personal rubbish ie., empty cans, wrappers put back in your esky box).  We are working towards zero waste on site & that means everyone needs to do their bit to reduce waste on site.
  • to secure site at the end of the day – nobody is allowed on site without either Carl, Meg or a Lead Carpenter present.  We are progressively installing security cameras on all our sites for multiple reasons but the sites still need to be left secure at the end of the day.

next steps – tell us a bit about yourself by completing the form on this page & we’ll be in touch.

Further questions contact Meg in the first instance in 0429 841555