Just like the homes we build and the people we build them for… our process is unique. It needs to be, to achieve optimium outcomes for you.

We are constantly tweaking how we do things and always learning. Our goals, as a small family business, are fairly honest and simple – to achieve great outcomes for everyone involved in creating your home – starting with you as the client. We also genuinely care about the service, supplier and trades people we work with and the balance (hard work but not all work in life) we create for all our families.

Where we start

Our preferred place to start, is at the beginning, meeting you and understanding what you’d like to achieve.

Then what…

We collaborate: with you, us as Builders and the Architect or Draftsperson – together under a preliminary agreement.

We are custom builders. We don’t generally work off square metre rates or back of the envelope.  Carl Talbot Builders is a small, hands on business, our margins are too small to take such risks (ie., we are competitive when compared accurately – spec for spec, with quality builders). The process we go through achieves optimium results for you, including the ‘best bang for your buck’.

Every preliminary agreement is different due to cost variations and what is included.  It covers our direct costs and our direct contribution. It is different to many volume builder’s preliminary agreements in that we don’t charge you extra, if you decide not to proceed to a construction contract.  We want to work with clients who want to work with us.

Next steps are always provided on the basis of ‘if you would like to proceed’.  Next steps involve investment from all of us.


We set you up with a unique login to our client portal online so that everyone has access to the same information – this login will remain the same the whole way.  We update date it with photos, keep copies of documents there, it keeps a record of any email correspondence etc.,

Our preliminary process aims to save you money. Across the project by involving you, ourselves as Builders and Architect or Draftsperson to achieve the most desirable, liveable, structurally sensible and cost effective home possible. We start by understanding your needs, likes and taking into account the natural attributes of the land and surroundings under consideration.

On completion of our preliminary process you, the client, own the documentation.  If we have all enjoyed the process so far, the natural progression is likely for it to proceed to a separate construction contract with Carl Talbot Builders (we use Master Builders Construction contracts) to construct your well designed home.

Sharing your construction budget with us is risk free.  Our goal is to provide you the best value for your budget as possible or come as far under as we can.  A greater risk, is not sharing your budget and having something designed that either doesn’t meet your needs (too far under) or is outside of your range of being able to go ahead with. That would result in dissapointment and more costs by having to go back to the drawing board altogether. Designing something without a budget is like getting in your car and driving without a destination. It is an important part of the brief that we discuss. This way, we can ascertain whether we are all likely to be wasting time and money at concept stage or not.

We invest approx. 40 hours into preparing our proposal which involves fully quantifying materials, subcontracts and labour hours. We cannot throw a figure and guarantee it until after working drawings and specifications are complete.

Even if we are the only builders providing a proposal, our quote will be the same. We win work on many factors, price is not the major one. In fact we know that we are not the cheapest builders in the market, we don’t try or want to be – we employ quality trades and craftsmen, personally supervise and involved in every one of our projects.  Your contact is us – Carl and Meg the owners of the business, (not layers of sales, management, admin and supervisors), we are the same people from the design phase, through building your home to providinig your structural guarantee for years to come.

We genuinely care about people, the environment and outcomes.

Our prelim process is a also a great way to see how the building relationship is likely to work before making a larger commitment from either you or us.

Ready to have a discussion?  Contact Meg via phone 0429 841 555 or email 

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